Triggers and exit intent

Better timing

Don't annoy your visitors

How and when you trigger your popup is nearly as important as the content of the popup. If you inturrupt the users browsing experience at the wrong time you can lower conversion rates and increase bounce.

Promolayers time delay trigger, idle trigger and scroll depth triggers are all great ways to ensure the user sees a popup after they have become engaged with your content.

We trigger better on mobile

World class exit intent

Most exit intent triggers work by tracking the mouse and triggering if it moves out of the webpage. This works fairly well on desktop but can’t function on mobile as there is no mouse to track!

Our exit intent solution includes mobile compatibility for users who begin to change tabs, open the URL bar or begin to swipe.

In addition to exit intent Promolayer gives you the option to capture the back button – on first back button press the navigation will be cancelled and your exit popup will be shown instead! This is especially effective on mobile where users tend to swipe back.

Powerful triggers to
boost your conversions

Show your popup at the right time for the perfect user experience.

Immediate display

Pop-up immediately for instant impact.

Exit intent

Detect a users intent to exit when they move their mouse toward the back button or de-focus the page by selecting the URL bar or tabs.

Back button capture

Cancel the first back button press or swipe backward and show an exit deal to re-capture the user.

Idle & inactivity trigger

Catch users who have stopped scrolling and interacting with your page.

Scroll depth

Measure the percentage down the page a user has scrolled and trigger when you have confirmed the user is engaged with your content.


Trigger a popup after the user is on page for a set number of seconds.

Custom triggers

Use Javascript to trigger the display on command for advanced users.

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