Floating bars

Floating bars appear at the top or bottom of the page and provide information while obscuring a minimal amount of screen real estate. A popular choice for notifications and sale countdowns.

What can I do with a floating bar?

Promolayer makes it easy to add floating headers and footers to your website.

When should I use a floating bar?

Floating bars are best used for non-critical information such as sale countdowns and notifications where the user experience can only be minimally interrupted.

Example use cases

Example floating bars

Sale countdown banner

Sales / events

Make an exciting banner that matches your brand or sale in just a few clicks.

Free shipping banner

Free shipping bars

Let your customers know about your free shipping limit and use it to increase your average order value.

Valentines day coupon banner

Coupon display

Approach users with an eye-catching popup at the perfect time. Use a coupon and countdown to prevent them abandoning.

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