Demo Displays

Popups, Slide-ins, Fullscreens, Floating bars, Gamified popups, Countdown timers and more.
What you see on this page is a small sample of what Promolayer can do for your site.

display samples

Choose from a wide range of templates that can be easily customized to match your style.


From announcements to lead generation forms, popups are the easy-to-use standard.

Make your popup stand out with colored overlays and effects.


Fullscreens are very useful to display critical information as well as a goodbye message or coupon opportunity at exit intent to lower abandonment.


Slide-in can be displayed in the lower right and lower left of the screen without disturbing the user's browsing. Users can re-access the slide-in at any time using a small tab after it has been minimized.

Floating bars

Floating bars can be used to display notifications, time sales, cookie consent and more. Since it doesn't block content, you can also use it as a recommendation, upsell, or cross-sell.

Countdown timer

Countdown timers increase conversion rates, it's as simple as that! Generate some FOMO and start increasing your conversion rate.


Playful, gamified popups like our spin-to-win generate on average 300% more submissions than other types.

Promolayers spin-to-wins are customizable and you can weight the probability of each outcome.

Which platform are you on?

These are just examples of platforms you can use Promolayer on.
If you do not see your platform listed, please reach out to us.
We will assist you with installation