Seasonal events, sales and deals

Build excitement for your seasonal events and sales with high-impact, sale-driving popups and displays.

Mothers day
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Boost your seasonal sales

The pandemic saw online revenue baloon over 40% and e-commerce has become a mainstay of many households.

Users are avoiding crowds and looking to the internet for their seasonal shopping. Capture them!

Drive more deals

Sales, coupons and countdowns are core to the online holiday experience. Create buying pressure using our conversion boosting tools.

25% of all seasonal revenue is online

That’s ~$200 billion dollars available in the US alone. Be sure to optimize your sales and ensure you get a slice of the pie.

Mobile is important

Over 50% of web traffic is now mobile! If you aren’t mobile-first you are losing sales. Our seasonal popups work everywhere.

Be festive

Beautiful pre-made templates for every occasion. From Christmas to Cyber Monday, we’ve got templates you can start from in a single click.

"The first day we launched our abandon cart campaign we recovered 22% of abandoning users. We made ROI on that single day. I was shocked at how much revenue we had been leaving on the table.

Ambient Lounge

Ambient Lounge

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Never stop improving

One less thing to worry about this holiday

Our millisecond-accurate campaign start and end scheduling means you can pre-plan your events, set-it and forget-it.

Promolayer will show the right displays and auto-generate coupons for your customers while you concentrate on what is important to you.

Better on mobile

Put your mobile users first.

The global abandonment rate on mobile devices is even higher than desktop – up to 85%! Why? I hear you asking. Because most tools can’t prevent abandonment on mobile effectively.

Promolayers mobile abandonment prevention is best-in-class and can be combined with a variety of other triggers and popup types for maximum effectiveness.

Mobile friendly popups
Spring discount email popup
Earth day slide-in popup

Beautiful seasonal and sale popups without a designer

Pro or novice, we’ve got a seasonal popup design for you with 100s of templates. Bright backgrounds and animatable stickers will make your holiday event or sale pop.

In-built stock image search and image editing tools mean you are empowered to get great results even if you aren’t a designer.

Bigger, better results

Bigger results with Conversion boosters

  1. Automatic personal coupons.
    Promolayer integrates with popular platforms for automatic, personal coupon creation to help nudge the customer into a sale.

  2.  Countdowns
    Countdowns can be added to any popup type to create FOMO and ensure the customer completes the sale before going to competitors.

  3.  Eye-catching animations
    Never again will your popup or deal be ignored! Make a splash and recover the sale in style.
Direct traffic

Drive traffic to your highest converting pages

Use popups or full-screen covers to inform users about your sale and direct them to your sale pages.

It won’t just multiply your sales opportunities but provides a better customer experience.

The Promolayer difference

Simple and powerful


No code needed

Promolayer is designed for ease of use. Anyone can install and launch a campaign in just a few minutes. All the results minus the programmers.

True responsive

In 2022, over 50% of all internet traffic is now mobile! Where other tools just resize, we respond. Our popups are beautiful, easy to read and use on any device.

Fantastic forms

Convert ~5% more and bounce less than any other tool on the market from day 1 with built-in email address correction.

More customizable

Start from one of our 100s of templates and easily match it to your brand image with our easy-to-use popup builder.

Won't slow your site down

Our popups are optimized for speed. We average 70% fewer requests and 1/3 the download size of our biggest competitors.

Amazing support

We have a team of in-house design and CRO experts on hand to help your get the most out of your site.

Loved by the world's best growth hackers

Hundreds of reviews over multiple platforms. See what our happy customers have to say.

Spin to win is amazing

“Our list growth tripled, We’re totally blown away with our results. Especially the gamification was…”

MioBebe Photography



“This app has been incredible value for money. Shocked by the features vs price.”

Porcelain Art


Conversions boosted

“Conversion rate is up 30% , we couldn’t be happier!”

Ambient Lounge Japan


Helped us

“..This has helped us capture what we need if a customer is about to exit the page.”



Really adds FOMO

“Really adds FOMO to the customer experience and helps to build your customer db”



Great App

“Great App. The options are amazing thank you”



So Far So Great

“So Far this app works flawlessly and does exactly what I was looking for.”



Excellent customer support, problems solved

“Generally worked very well, but I ran into some problems. Customer support solved my problems friendly and helpfully.”



Game changer

“A/B testing is a game changer for us. We are getting the info we need without breaking our page in Google optimize.”



Get started

Create beautiful seasonal popups, 100% risk free

Try out Promolayers abandonment seasonal popup features on your website with a free account.
No commitment and no credit card required.

Professional features

We’re bringing pro-level features to the masses. Now anyone can compete at a global level.

Back button capture

Exit intent for mobile devices! Capture a user's attention when they press the back button or swipe back in their mobile browser by preventing them from leaving and showing a deal.

Exit intent

Detect cursor movement toward abandonment and show users a perfectly timed message to prevent them leaving and re-capture the sale.

Scroll & in-activity sensors

Only show popups to users who have engaged with your content and scrolled or users who have been inactive for a set time.


No location permission required! Target users based on country and city completely seamlessly.

Traffic source targeting

Select users by their source such as social networks, search engines, in-app browsers and more.

Realtime analytics & iteration

Realtime analytics, a/b testing, one click duplication and fast editing give you the power to iterate quicker than you ever thought possible.

GA Intergration

All your conversion data is integrated into your own Google Analytics so you can slice and analysize the data as you see fit.

True responsive

Don't resize, respond. Flexible popups let you selectively override and show / hide for different device sizes.

Better forms

Our customizable forms suggest spelling corrections in real time so you get fewer misspelt bounce emails.

More about seasonal events and sales

How important are sales and seasonal events for ecommerce?

Seasonal events generate over $200B in the US alone. An effective marketing strategy is crucial to get the most out of every holiday and seasonal event.

What strategies will help me convert this holiday season?

  1.  Create a holiday specific shopping experience.
    Shopping online during a sale period can be mentally tiring with an overload of information and advertising.

    Anticipate what best sellers and needs will be and direct users to products with minimal friction and searching.

  2. Use urgency to drive sales.
    Leverage users tendency to impulse buy during the holiday season with limited time deals and limited free shipping.

    Countdowns in banners and slide-ins can be a great way to create buying pressure to close the sale before customers have time to look at your competitors.

  3. Offer a longer return period.
    If your customers trust your brand they will be willing to spend more money. In addition to this a longer return window reduces the risks involved in impulse purchasing and increases its likelihood.

  4. Use free-shipping limits to increase your AOV
    Free shipping can be a fantastic way to increase your AOV during seasonal events and sales. Set your free shipping limit to your current average order value +10%. If you only need to spend a few extra dollars to get free shipping – who would want to miss that deal?!

    Free shipping limits are best advertised via floating banners.

  5. Collect emails en-masse.
    Offer holiday discount coupon codes to users users sign up for your mailing list. A time limited coupon will drive FOMO and you have a chance to drive repeat sales with brand-loyal customers.

What are the big sales events for the year?


  • 1st. New years day.
  • 15th. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


  • 5th. Chinese new year.
  • 14th. Valentines day.
  • 18th. Presidents day.


  • 8th. International women’s day.
  • 17th. St. Patricks day.
  • 31st. Mothers day (UK).


  • 1st. Fools day.
  • 21st. Catholic Easter.
  • 22nd. Earth day.
  • 28th. Orthodox Easter.


  • 1st. May day
  • 12th. Mothers day (global).


  • 16th. Fathers day.


  • 4th. Independence day.


  • Back to school.


  • 2nd. Labor day.
  • 21st. Octoberfest.


  • 31st, Halloween


  • 5th. Guy Fawkes Day.
  • 28th. Thanksgiving day.
  • 29th. Black Friday.


  • 2nd. Cyber Monday.
  • 9th. Green Monday.
  • 18th. Free Shipping Day.
  • 21st. Super Saturday.
  • 25th. Christmas.
  • 26th. Boxing day.
  • 31st. New Years Eve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use our live chat. Our support agents are available 9-5 Japan time.

Live chat

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Will Popups slow down my website?

If you choose the wrong tool, yes! Many major popup tools download large scripts and make multiple un-cachable requests.


Promolayer was designed with performance in mind. We make a minimal number of requests and the entire script is smaller than one normal image. On average we are 3x faster than our competitors.


Promolayer is loaded using a ‘deferred’ tag – that means your entire site loads and becomes interactive before Promolayer is executed. Promolayer is one of the few tools that can’t slow your site down.


Do I need programming skills to use Promolayer?

No programming or coding skills are needed to work with our popup builder. Everything can be handled with an easy point-and-click interface. It only takes moments to learn.

Will popups hurt my SEO?

If you choose the wrong tool, yes! Popups can greatly affect site speed and hurt metrics that Google measure such as bounce rate.


Promolayer is designed to be fast and unintrusive! Smaller than a single image, our script loads ‘deferred’ meaning your full website loads first and becomes interactive before Promolayer loads. With this design and loading strategy, we will never impact your SEO.

Can I use Promolayer on client websites?

Sure you can! We actively encourage it. The direct-signup version of Promolayer doesn’t limit the number of domains you can use it on. Spread your limit over as many clients and domains as you like.

For customers using our Shopify or Wix applications, you will be limited to a single domain. This is not a decision we made, but rather a result of those platform’s restrictions.

Is Promolayer GDPR-compliant?

Promolayer is GDPR compliant by default. Disabling the consent checkbox in forms will make it non-compliant.

Why should I choose Promolayer over other services?

Promolayer was designed and built by conversion optimization experts with 10+ years of experience building brands. It’s got all the features you need and no useless cruft weighing it down.

Some headline features that set us apart from our competitors:


  • Easy to use no-code popup builder that allows deep customization.
  • True mobile responsive popups.
  • Gamified popups that convert at 2~3x standard.
  • Self-correcting email forms.
  • Animated entries and stickers for attention grabbing.
  • Huge design library.
  • Best-in-class A/B testing.
  • Best-in-class reporting with actionable data.
  • Deep, automatic Google analytics integration.
  • Lightweight script that won’t slow your site down.

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