Targeting and segmentation

Advanced URL targeting

Target pages, product and more

Target pages with advanced URL rules allowing for both broad multi-page targeting and granular single product / page targets. Exclusion rules can be used to refine targeting further.

Rules can be used to target specific UTM parameters to leverage your existing campaign structures.


Speak the customers language

Language targeting lets you both include and exclude customers based on the set browser language.

Make one popup per language and don’t leave any customer behind.

Targeting and segentation
The right place

Geo Targeting

Our geo targeting system lets you target your popups toward users down to the city level.

Leveraging IP geolocation means we can transparently locate the user without annoying ‘location request’ popups on mobile.

Powerful targeting to
reach the right customers

Show the right message to the right people at the right time.

URL targeting

Target exact URLs or portion of them using starts-with, ends-with, contains and exact-match rules.

UTM and search params

Leverage your existing campaign structure by targeting UTM links and search parameters.

Language targeting

Target or exclude users by browser language.

Source segmentation

Selectively target users who came from specific sources such as social media, search engines and more.

Device targeting

Target users by device, mobile, desktop or both.


Segment your audience down to the city level with IP geolocation.

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