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A few of our supported platforms:
Why Promolayer?

Quick to start
Easy to master

Promolayer takes just moments to get started with. On Wix or Shopify our app takes care of installation for you. On other platforms it's a single line of text to copy-paste.

Promolayer has been relentlessly optimized to increase the value you get from each visitor and each dollar of ad spend without slowing down your site.

  1. 1

    I want to reduce abandonment

  2. 2

    I want more value from each visitor

  3. 3

    I want to collect more leads

  4. 4

    I want to increase AOV

Display types

Popup types and usage

Start with a template and customize it to match your brand


From announcements to lead generation forms, popups are the easy-to-use standard.


Also called 'Welcome mats' or 'Landing pages' by other builders. Fullscreens are the way to go when you've got information or a deal that can't be missed.


Slide-in can be displayed in the lower right and lower left of the screen without disturbing the user's browsing. Users can re-access the slide-in at any time using a small tab after it has been minimized.

Floating bars

Floating bars can be used to display notifications, time sales, cookie consent and more. Since it doesn't block content, you can also use it as a recommendation, upsell, or cross-sell.


Class leading fast, responsive forms. Collect leads, newsletter signups and more.


Use coupons to motivate purchases and email signups. Coupons can be delivered after submitting forms.

Countdown timers

Countdown timers increase conversion rates, it's as simple as that! Generate some FOMO and start increasing your conversion rate.


Playful, gamified popups like our spin-to-win generate on average 300% more submissions than other types. Promolayers spin-to-wins are customizable and you can weight the probability of each outcome.

How is Promolayer different?

More leads in less time

Filtering, spell checking

Promolayers best-in-class forms boost your conversion rate with unique features like in-built domain spell checking and automatic filtering of spam email addresses.

Our optimized code takes on average half the number of requests as our largest competitor leading to a significant speed advantage and as we all know, speed is king for SEO and conversion.

Functions and features

The keys to preventing abandonment

Approach each customer at the right time with the right deal

Unlimited design options

Start with one of many templates and easily customize it to match your brand image. No matter the industry.


Visits / Frequency
Page history
Time on site

And more

Exit intent

Track the users mouse and catch their attention with a popup as they move their mouse to close the window / tab.


Track views, clicks, conversion rates and when you are ready dive deeper into A/B testing and more.

Timing and triggers

Get the most out of each display

Detailed trigger settings

Poorly timed popups will be dismissed immediately by users out of habit at best wasting your efforts and at worst causing abandonment.

With Promolayer you can use various triggers such as time delays, scroll depth monitoring, exit intent and even custom javascript to take it further. Never drive a customer away again!

Words from our customers

Promolayer pop-ups can be easily deployed in house without paying a developer. It's been amazing to make changes quickly myself without all the hassle I had before. I love watching the conversion rate go up!

Canyons Co., Ltd.
Tourism Industry

Customers can get overwhelmed with all our tours and options. When they try and leave we use exit intent to highlight the best option for them. Accurate segmentation has been amazing for us.

Ambient Lounge Japan K.K.

The bounce rate from our SNS visitors and advertising has dropped and pop-up coupons are leading to sales. Unlike other systems we've used Promolayer has been really easy for our Japanese customers to understand.

IT / Communication / Internet

We're using the popups to target free users and encourage upgrades. The detailed targeting combined with the time sales has improved our conversion rate. I'm happy with the ease of use too.

Canyons Co., Ltd.
Tourism Industry

Customers can get overwhelmed with all our tours and options. When they try and leave we use exit intent to highlight the best option for them. Accurate segmentation has been amazing for us.

Which platform are you on?

These are a few of our supported platforms. If you don't see your platform please contact us and we will help you get set up.