Slide-in popup

Slide-in popups appear from the edge of the screen and ‘slide in’ to view. This type of popup does not block the user interface and provides access to customers with a lower impact on bounce rate.

What can I do with a slide-in popup?

Easily create full screen overlays for your online store.

When should I use slide-in popups?

Slide-in popups fit a broad range of use cases. Almost any type of popup can be replaced with a slide in where you need lower impact on site metrics and don’t want to block the user interface such as conversion pages.

Example use cases

Example slide-in popups

Slide in popup screenshot featuring social QR codes

Social promotion

Use non-blocking slide-in displays to grow your social following without hurting your sites bounce rates.

Slide in lead tool

Email registration and coupon generation

Collect leads and emails without interrupting the users browsing flow. Generate one time coupons to encourage signup.

Black Friday slide in countdown promotion screenshot

Call to actions

Slide-ins are a great place to put call-to-actions of any kind. Downloads of ebooks, requests for brochures, links to contact pages, etc.

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