Promolayer demo displays

Popups, Slide-ins, full-screens, Floating bars, Gamified popups, Countdown timers and more.

What you see on this page is a small sample of what Promolayer can do for your site. Everything is easily customisable.

Halloween demos

20+ more Halloween templates
available in-app
Standard popup


From announcements to lead generation forms, popups are the easy-to-use standard.

Make your popup stand out with coloured overlays, effects and animations.

Slide-in popups

Slide-in can be displayed in the lower right and lower left of the screen without using an overlay and disturbing the user’s browsing.

Floating bars (banners)

Floating bars can be used to display notifications, time sales, cookie consent and more. Since it doesn’t block content, it’s also great as a recommendation, upsell, or cross-sell.

Full screen popups


Full screen popups cover the whole UI and can’t be missed. They are great for high-impact seasonal sales and unmissable abandonment preventing exit intent displays.


Playful, gamified popups like our spin-to-win generate on average 300% more submissions than other types.

Promolayers spin-to-wins are customizable and you can set the probability of each outcome.

Simple image

Bypass the popup builder and use a simple image as a popup. Get pixel accurate control over your design.

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